Certificated Quality


Electrical Panel Fabrication

Design & Engineering provides system assemblies completely wired and interconnected per the customer's specific design requirements.  All components are mounted and wired to terminal strips in specified enclosures to meet all applicable industry standards.

Commissioning and Start-up Assistance


Proper start-up of any system is necessary to ensure optimum performance. The start-up process is intended to make the equipment ready for regular production with material. Design & Engineering provides technical guidance and/or technical supervision of on-site activities during start-up to complement your own participation and involvement.

Total Engineered Solution

Design & Engineering has the expertise to develop automation packages for solving many critical problems.

These total engineered solutions are complete with all of the necessary automation hardware, software and engineering to monitor and precisely control entire process lines.
They are designed to:


1. Improve Productivity

2. Consistent Process Control
3. Increased Product Quality
4. Reduced Downtime
5. Low Maintenance Cost


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